• Easily mounted
  • Weather proof
  • Interior / exterior use
  • Effective Ultrasonic range up to 5000sq feet (465 sq metres) or approx 21 metres x 21metres
  • 2 Power Sources:  AC Adaptor (Supplied) or 4 x “C” size batteries (not included)
  • Will not affect your pet dogs

Modes and Selectors: 

  • Sensor Mode – constant standby, will trigger when pests are in range
  • Ultrasonic High Pressure Sound.  Adjustable inaudible high pressure ultrasonic sound wave to target specific pests
  • Continuous Activation Mode – for pests out of range the unit can be adjusted to remain active 
  • Ultrasonic Frequency Dial – adjusts to target specific pests 
  • Alarm Dial – adjustable audible alarm for specific pests
  • Sensor Sensitivity - adjustable sensor sensitivity to meet your needs


  • weight: 0.8kg / 1.76lbs 
  • height: 13.5cm / 5.3″ 
  • width: 16cm / 6.3″ 
  • length: 8.5cm / 3.4″


For stubborn bird problems a multi-sensory strategy using 2 or more bird scarers may be required.

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Benefits To Using Our Bird Deterrent Products

  • Cut recurring cleanup and repair costs 
  • Protect buildings and equipment from corrosive bird droppings
  • Increase and maintain property aesthetics
  • Eliminate fire hazards caused by birds building nests, under hosues in vents and chimneys
  • Reduce health and liability risks associated with pest bird infestation 
  • Prevent the spread of diseases, such as West Nile, Salmonella & E. Coli  
  • Save parks, yards, corporate grounds, pools, ponds, turf, etc. from bird damage 
  • Decrease nuisance for residents, neibours, workers and customers



Customer Reviews

Effective for swallows Review by Gary
Very impressed with these devices.
Mounted 2 on opposite sides of the shed and got rid of our swallow problem. The young lady I spoke to who recommended them was extremely helpful (Posted on 6/06/2018)
No more birds in our entertainment area Review by Inneke
Our entertainment area became home to many different birds. Thank goodness for this device as they have now moved on! Thanks! (Posted on 8/01/2018)
Couldn’t be happier Review by Carol From Sydney West
We have a large house with many different sections which were infested with birds, including the roof.
I bought 3 of these units and pointed them where the birds were coming and annoyingly making a mess.
They have all moved on! Brilliant! (Posted on 7/11/2017)
Bandicoots Review by Ange
Will this work for bandicoots?
Answer: yes it will scare most wild animals including bamdicoots (Posted on 14/08/2017)
Cat deterrent Review by Britt
Will it work on cats for indoors kitchen bench top?
Is it inaudible for humans?
ANSWER: Yes it will. It won't harm the cat but it will be irritated by the device if it jumps on the kitchen bench so the Yard Sentinel will break the habit. Put it on the ultrasonic only setting ( volume dial down)and it will not be audible to humans. You may just hear a low volume hissing sound. There is a small percentage of humans ( 4 percent) that may hear the ultrasonics in high frequency. (Posted on 26/05/2017)
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