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Couldn’t be happier Review by Carol From Sydney West
We have a large house with many different sections which were infested with birds, including the roof.
I bought 3 of these units and pointed them where the birds were coming and annoyingly making a mess.
They have all moved on! Brilliant! (Posted on 7/11/2017)
Bandicoots Review by Ange
Will this work for bandicoots?
Answer: yes it will scare most wild animals including bamdicoots (Posted on 14/08/2017)
Effective against ducks Review by Barry Ledmar
No more ducks coming to our pool since using this device. It's great! (Posted on 8/06/2017)
Cat deterrent Review by Britt
Will it work on cats for indoors kitchen bench top?
Is it inaudible for humans?
ANSWER: Yes it will. It won't harm the cat but it will be irritated by the device if it jumps on the kitchen bench so the Yard Sentinel will break the habit. Put it on the ultrasonic only setting ( volume dial down)and it will not be audible to humans. You may just hear a low volume hissing sound. There is a small percentage of humans ( 4 percent) that may hear the ultrasonics in high frequency. (Posted on 26/05/2017)
Crows Review by Mark
They're in plague proportions in our suburb.
Does this device emit a sound that humans can't hear ? How long will it last in DC mode ?

The Yard Sentinel is both ultrasonic ( inaudible to humans) and sonic ( audible to humans). You can have the sonic turned on or off and the volume can be adjusted.
It will last up to 2 months in DC mode but this varies depending on the brand of batteries you use. A good option is to purchase rechargeable batteries.
(Posted on 17/05/2017)
will it harm chickens? Review by sandi
I have a problem with crested doves during the day & possums at night, will this harm my chickens?

ANSWER- it will not harm your chickens. It may, however disturb them if you have it pointed in the direction of the coup.
It is an excellent possum deterrent. The Yard Sentinel RC is probably the best however as it has a flashing strobe light for night time pests.
The Yard Sentinel does not affect household pets such as cats and dogs (Posted on 19/02/2017)
Question Review by Sue
Question: I want to scare away birds that are attacking my home veggie patch and fruit tress. However, I also have chickens (the coup is around the trees). Is it safe to use?

Answer: Hi Sue

Thanks for contacting us at Bird Control Australia
Ultrasonics work in line of site, therefore if you are able to have the device pointed toward the bird problem but away from the chicken coup then the chickens will be fine.
The Balcony Guard is an ultrasonic device only so you may wish to try that?

The Yard Sentinel is both Ultrasonic and Sonic( audible to humans). With the volume turned right down it becomes ultrasonic only.

Kind Regards,
Angie (Posted on 2/01/2017)
Crows Review by Pete
We have a crow problem at the moment but we don't want to get rid of all birds . Will this device scare off all birds?
ANSWER: It is not possible to deter some birds and not others. The one bird species that does not seem to be affected by the Yard Sentinel are the Cockatoos (Posted on 28/11/2016)
Yard sentinel Review by Rich
Almost instantly the birds were gone . The yard sentinel works perfectly for our large deck. Will recommend to all. (Posted on 7/10/2016)
Fruit Bats and Flying Foxes Review by Robbie Doherty
It’s a goer .. Flying Foxes/Fruit Bats were wreaking havoc with my Mango Tree.
Only one on the grass after I put the unit on the fence and I think that one fell off of its own accord.
There is a motion activated light at the lower trunk of the tree (hardwired 12 V LED) and a motion activated floodlight
on the shed nearby which seemed to have only a small deterrent effect.
Was going to hardwire the HR132 but as it is only needed seasonally, the battery option is Brilliant.
Would recommend for any situation similar to mine.
Thanking you
Robbie Doherty

(Posted on 8/04/2015)

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