Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee that your products work?

The simple answer is no.  When dealing with wildlife, there are no guarantees.  You must remember that these creatures are invading your property for a reason and if that reason is (i) nesting or (ii) a food source, it is quite difficult to deter them.  The good news is it can be done and with some perseverance, the products will work and keep these pests away.  

Do your products come with a warranty?

Yes.  Our products all come with a manufacturers' warranty that cover defects and damage.

Can we use the product free of charge, and if it works then pay for it?

Due to the nature of wild birds, the vast range of breeds, environment and seasonal habits of bird species, we do not offer our products for sale on a trial and return basis. Please choose your product carefully with the information provided, consult our sales team or email us at if you are unsure of your purchase. 

Do you provide SHIPPING to New Zealand?

Yes, there are shipping charges for any other destinations including New Zealand.  Please contact us direct.

What preperation is required prior to installation of my device/s?

Cleaning up nests, feathers and bird droppings is a necessary and extremely important step pre-set up.  Cleaning up with a hospital grade detergent such as bleach or chlorine removes the smell that makes the birds feel at home in.

Do you provide installation services?

No.  We are an online business and only supply product/s.  Our products are specially selected for easy installation and do not require any hardwiring or trade services to install.  However we do understand that for larger properties such as warehouses and agricultural properties, there is a demand for consultation and installation services.  For this reason, we are currently working with Pest Controllers in each state to provide these services.  If you do require any information on installation services for our bird scaring devices or pest control, please call our office and speak to our Sales staff.  

Why should I consider a combined strategy for bird control?

It's important to understand that birds and other wildlife are similar to humans in that they have instincts and develop habits.  The secret to bird and wildlife control is to break these habits!  Our environmentally friendly products are designed to simply create a hazardous environment for the wildlife, causing them to go elsewhere to feed, nest, or perch and play.  Products are either visual deterrents, audio deterrents, or sensory deterrents. Research has shown that a combined-sensory approach (i.e. audio and visual) is more effective than a single-sensory approach, and is more likely to keep the birds away once they are gone.    

How many Bird Busta Bird Repellers's do I need?

The Bird Busta has sweeping arms that are 1 metre and 2 metres in diameter to keep birds off boats, jetties or elsewhere.  If using on a boat, we recommend one at the fore and one at the aft decks.  On jetties and other areas, we recommend using enough to cover the entire deck area. The Bird Busta Repellers are more effective when they catch the wind which propels them and keeps the birds away. 

Do Visual Decoys Work?

Yes they do.  Visual decoys have all been tested and proven effective.  However, birds are intelligent creatures and will often return if the visual devices are in the same place and have no moving parts.  Simple products like our Bird Scare Tape or Scare Hawk decoy that capture the wind and have movement have been very effective against birds.  Other visual devices are also highly effective but may need to be moved every now and then to ensure birds don't become accustomed to them. Many visual deterrents are life-sized replicas of predatory birds that have been very effective in controlling pest birds.

Sonic or Ultrasonic for Swallows?

Sonic (recorded predator calls and distress cries) have little effect on swallows; because they build their nests in man-made structures, they feel secure. Ultrasonic devices such as Quadblaster QB4 and the Ultrason X, unlike sonic devices, rely on irritating frequeencies rathr than frightening noises.

PLEASE NOTE:  If humans are to be in constant proximity of Ultrasonic speakers we recommend installing at a distance of 3 metres to not interfere with hearing!

What is the difference between the Balcony Guard and Yard Sentinel?

There are 2 available models of the Yard Sentinel,  the 131 and 132 ( or RC model)
The difference is that the Yard Sentinel RC model also comes with a flashing strobe light which acts as another layer of pest deterrent by disorientating the birds, and it also comes with remote control and a sound ( sonic ) feature on top of the ultrasonic. 
The Balcony Guard is ultrasonic only and is popular because of the whitewash colour and strong branding.

We have ducks invading our pool or dam. How do we deter them?

Please refer to our blog for information on how to control ducks

Is there are specific strategy you recommend for Cockatoos, Corellas, Parrots or Galahs?

Yes, these birds are less sensitive to ultrasonics. A lot of customers have had success against cockatoos, Parrots, Galahs etc using the Bird Xpeller Pro V2 combined with our Visual Scare Hawkes.
If using the Bird Xpeller Pro is not an option due to the audible sound it makes then it is useful to use a couple of the Scare Hawkes combined with a Motion Activated Sprinkler.
You can connect several of the sprinklers together.