About Us

Bird Control Australia was established in 2013 to become the leading supplier of Bird Control products in Australia and New Zealand. We offer an extensive line of specially selected and ‘environmentally friendly’ bird and pest control products to suit the environment. Our products have been specially selected as ‘the most effective’ environmentally friendly solutions to bird and animal problems in residential, commercial, and marine settings. Our products are all proven, made in the USA and China and carry industry leading guarantees.

At Bird Control Australia, we know that birds and other pests can cause serious problems. Our commitment to solving these problems, and protecting human health, wildlife, and the environment sets us apart from others. We are proud to offer products that are effective, environmentally friendly, and do not harm the birds or animals! Years of working with animals has enabled us to carefully select our products which not only prevent pest infestation, property damage, and the spread of disease, but also eliminate the need for chemical pesticides, poisons, and dangerous traps.

The Owners

Joe & Angie have been involved with the marine industry for many years. Having worked on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour as well as enjoying their passion for boating , both have first hand knowledge of the damage and infestation that birds can cause to homes, businesses and boats and marinas, needless to say the costs involved in the clean-up. Being very fond of animals and respectful of the environment, Joe and Angie saw a need for effective yet environmentally friendly applications to bird control. Both are very passionate about the industry and commited to suppling quality bird scarers. 

Bird Control Australia was set up to help homes, businesses, farming and boat owners with their bird control problems and provide a sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost effective way to deter birds from landing or nesting in certain areas.

Some of the customers we have supplied and continue to supply are: Rio Tinto, BHP, Downer, TLE Electrical, Thales, RMS of NSW, Nestle, Norco Foods, NSW Port Aurthority, Redlands College, Quest Marine, Able Point Marina,Novotel Resorts, Cable Beach Club Resort, Essential Energy, Asahi Breweries, Darling Harbour Resturant Precinct, Porsche Australia, Ergon Energy and many others ranging from residential to large farmland areas and vineyards.


Angie and Joe ---Now with Lil' Bird Control---> Owners Angie, Joe and Lil' Bird Control Frankie


Bird Control Australia

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